Large organizations that use ADP Workforce Now® can now easily leverage Tapcheck to offer their employees the earned wage access benefit.

Tapcheck Now Available on ADP Workforce Now®️

Tapcheck Team   January 25, 2022

Tapcheck’s Integration Supports Corporations with Essential Financial Wellness Benefits

Large organizations that use ADP Workforce Now® can now easily leverage Tapcheck to offer their employees access to their pay as they earn it! Tapcheck is excited to expand to a wider audience through ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront that allows companies of all sizes to leverage Tapcheck’s financial wellness offerings at no extra cost.

Organizations that implement Tapcheck gain the ability to offer employees critically needed on-demand access to their earned wages in addition to financial education resources to support their financial wellness. These benefits play an integral role in distinguishing organizations amid the labor shortage, helping to boost hiring, retention, company culture and overall business productivity.

Tapcheck serves all types of businesses regardless of their size or industry. Organizations enjoy a seamless integration process, as Tapcheck can easily integrate into the various independent payroll systems, so companies can input their employee data into a single system that can populate the various features needed.

“ADP Workforce Now enables us to reach a broader audience and expand our goal of empowering workers and boosting employers’ bottom line through financial wellness benefits,” said Ron Gaver, co-founder and CEO of Tapcheck. “We’re excited for the opportunity to work with new businesses – both large and small – that are looking to build cultures that prioritize holistic employee wellness.” Learn more about Tapcheck on ADP Marketplace here.

Tapcheck Team

1000's of companies are using Tapcheck

Our on-demand pay benefit gives you a way to enhance your team’s performance at no cost. Here are a few reasons our clients choose us for Earned Wage Access:

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