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    Knowledge Base

    • How fast can I get my money?

      Quickly! How does instantly sound? Or, for a lower transaction fee, you can get it the next day.

    • How much can I take out?

      The amount you request is based on the money you’ve earned.

    • Do I have to repay this?

      Well, it’s not a loan. So there’s nothing to repay. Your transfer is merely deducted from the paycheck you’d receive next.

    • Are all my payroll taxes and deductions taken care of?

      Yes, they are. Your taxes and deductions are still managed by your employer. The available balance you see on Tapcheck is withdrawn from your net earnings.

    • How do I get my money?

      Funds are automatically deposited into your account or onto a Tapcheck PayDebit Card, which can be used at millions of ATMs and various locations around the world.

    • How are my funds distributed?

      Tapcheck verifies your hours in your employer’s payroll system and transfers your requested earnings directly to your bank account or Tapcheck Paycard.

    • Will this affect my credit?

      No. Since this isn’t a loan, your credit won’t be checked.

    • Do I need to get approved?

      If your employer has already signed up with Tapcheck, then all we need to do is verify your employment with your employer through their payroll system. Once we match this up, you’re in the system. No applications. No credit checks.

    • How do I activate my new card?

      There are two ways to activate your new card after you receive it in the mail:

      • Go to the “Card” section in the Tapcheck mobile app, click the “Track My Card Delivery” option, and then select the “Activate My Card” button. 

      • Or call the activation number listed on the back of the card and follow the prompts to activate your new card.

    • How do I set up the initial card PIN for my new card?

      When you receive your new card in the mail:

      1. Open the Tapcheck mobile app

      2. Go to the  “Card” section

      3. Click on the “More Card Options” menu on the screen

      4. Select the “Set/Reset Card PIN” option.

    • How do I set up direct deposit to my Tapcheck Mastercard?
      1. Open the Tapcheck mobile app

      2. Go to the “Card” section

      3. Click on the “More Card Options” menu on the screen

      4. Select the “Direct Deposit Account Info” option to find the account number, routing number, and direct deposit setup form.

    • How can I replace a lost or damaged card?
      1. Open the Tapcheck mobile app

      2. Go to the “Card” section

      3. Click to the “More Card Options” button

      4. Tap “Replace Lost or Damaged Card” to request a replacement card.

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