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We’re Taking Financial Education to the Next Level

From new hires to seasoned veterans, employees want to make the most of the money they earn. Tapcheck helps employees take the first step toward financial freedom by giving them on-demand access to their paychecks. Now with education tools, we’re delivering a wealth of resources to help them maximize their earnings.

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Exclusive Access.
Exceptional Content.

Available exclusively through the Tapcheck App, our financial education tools provide every user with valuable tips, tools, and insights. While many service companies offer basic information for their customers, we go the extra mile, providing insightful blogs, handy calculators, and engaging educational courses that cover topics ranging from budgeting and credit scores to buying a home and saving for retirement.

Creating a Budget Tapcheck learning courses offered for employers

Strengthening Communities One Person at a Time.

When individuals are financially healthy, they perform better at work. When businesses are productive, they contribute to the local economy. When local economies are thriving, our society as a whole is stronger. By empowering employees through education, Tapcheck is boosting business profitability and creating a world where wellness is a way of life.

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Financially healthy employees become more productive at work

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