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Earned Wage Access (EWA) is an essential part of a well-rounded employee benefits package in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether you are a payroll service, workforce management company, or employee benefits provider, partnering with Tapcheck allows you to offer EWA as part of a comprehensive solution, providing integrated value and enhancing your ability to secure a position as your clients’ preferred vendor.


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Corporate & Enterprise

By offering Tapcheck’s on-demand pay benefit to your entire organization, you can empower your employees, improve business performance, and distinguish your company from your competitors. Explore Tapcheck’s EWA offering, and learn how on-demand pay can elevate your enterprise while protecting your bottom line.

Franchisor & Associations

When you add Tapcheck on-demand pay to your franchisee benefits options, you allow your franchisees to provide one of the most in-demand employee benefits on the market today. A Tapcheck partnership allows you to provide your businesses with a powerful tool to attract and retain top talent in a tight job market.

Software Vendors

Ideal for PEO, PSB, HCM, Shift Management, Time Clock, POS, or other software-related vendors, our earned wage access program is designed to integrate seamlessly with your software, providing an in-demand service for your clients and increasing your value to their businesses.

Offer Your Clients the Benefits of EWA.

By incorporating Tapcheck’s earned wage access solution into your products and services, you can demonstrate your value to your clients by giving them the ability to improve key business performance categories.

Reduce Turnover

Save $4,800 to $10,000 for each employee lost to turnover.

Lower Recruitment Costs

Save an average of $4,000 per position when hiring new staff members.

Improve Productivity

Save $1,685 per employee from loss of productivity and absenteeism.

No Credit Checks

Funds are available based on hours worked. Employees don’t have to worry about getting approved.

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In today’s economy, Earned Wage Access is an essential benefit offering for any of your clients who want to attract and retain high-quality talent. Integrating EWA into your service offerings strengthens your value proposition to your existing and potential clients, enhancing your ability to compete with other vendors and providers in your industry. Since we offer our EWA program at no cost to businesses, partnering with Tapcheck allows you to gain the competitive advantage of EWA without incurring any additional cost.

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