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Learn how Earned Wage Access (EWA) is improving financial wellness for employees and enhancing business performance for employers around the country.

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Tapcheck is dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and HR and benefits managers grow their companies and enhance their employees’ lives. Our HR resources include a selection of business white papers addressing the financial stress employees often face across a variety of industries. Sign up and download our white papers today to see how earned wage access can benefit your employees and your bottom line.

Burger King Franchisees Implement EWA, Sees Spike in Employee Engagement and Attendance

When I came across Tapcheck and realized they were fully integrated with ADP, it was a no-brainer for me.

Company: Stomp, Chomp & Roll
Employees: 885
Integration: ADP Workforce Now


HomeWell Returns to Tapcheck After Moving to Competitor

We ultimately decided to return to Tapcheck because my employees demanded it.

Company: HomeWell Care Services
Employees: 100
Integration: Viventium and WellSky


Taco Bell Franchisee Reduces Workforce Absenteeism With EWA

Our employees are calling out of work less because they can get the funds they beed before payday [...].

Company: R2 Restaurants
Employees: 280
Integration: Paycor


Staffing Agency Offers Tapcheck's EWA Benefit with Paychex Flex

It's been hands-off for us to implement, and we've had Tapcheck's support the whole way.

Company: SambaCare
Employees: 5000
Integration: Paychex Flex


Senior Care Provider offers employees a tool to manage their finances

Tapcheck may even be helping some of our employees put food on the table for their family...

Company: Comfort Keepers
Employees: 460
Integration: ADP


On-Demand Pay

On-demand pay is a vital HR resource for both employers and employees. On-demand pay, or earned wage access (EWA), helps business owners and entrepreneurs create a positive company culture. Your employees benefit from the enhanced financial wellness and flexibility that comes with the ability to access their wages before payday. With more engaged employees, businesses see higher recruitment and retention rates, as well as increased productivity.

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As an innovative player in the fresh new industry of earned wage access, Tapcheck has cultivated comprehensive, informative resources to give insight into this employee perk. Our business white papers discuss its impact in detail, as well as examining its implementation in a variety of different industries. Download our white papers today, and learn everything you need to know about this employee benefit.

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