Empeon and Tapcheck have collaborated to offer an advanced financial wellness solution for businesses and their employees. By integrating Tapcheck’s on-demand pay platform, Empeon provides businesses with a valuable tool to promote financial stability and employee satisfaction. This collaboration revolutionizes the way businesses approach payroll, fostering financial well-being and enhancing overall employee happiness.


CLEARVIEW leverages decades of exclusive dedication to the restaurant industry, offering a comprehensive operations management platform used by over 10,000 restaurants. It integrates inventory, finances, and labor, optimizing and automating core functions to enhance efficiency and profitability for both individual and multi-unit operations. Clearview is partnering with Tapcheck to offer financial wellness benefits to all of its restaurants’ employees.


Connecteam is an employee management app, designed specifically for the deskless employees of the world (80% of the world!). We enable companies to communicate, train, and manage teams all from their mobile phone – wherever they are. Connecteam offers powerful scheduling, time tracking, task management, employee training, digital forms, work chat, and much more!

HR Cloud

HR Cloud and Tapcheck have forged a strategic alliance to transform the landscape of payroll services. By integrating Tapcheck’s on-demand pay platform, HR Cloud empowers businesses to offer their employees prompt access to earned wages. This partnership redefines payroll processing, adding a layer of financial flexibility that promotes employee satisfaction and well-being. By merging HR Cloud’s platform with Tapcheck’s innovative solution, businesses can embrace a new era of payroll management, making payday a source of empowerment.


JazzHR and Tapcheck have united to introduce a game-changing dimension to HR management. By integrating Tapcheck’s on-demand pay platform, JazzHR empowers businesses to enhance employee financial wellness with timely access to earned wages. This partnership redefines the HR landscape, creating a seamless fusion of technology and financial well-being for employees, resulting in greater job satisfaction and an empowered workforce.

PDI Technologies

PDI Technologies and Tapcheck have entered a strategic collaboration, integrating Tapcheck’s on-demand pay platform into PDI’s suite of solutions. This partnership empowers businesses to provide their employees with seamless access to earned wages, enhancing financial well-being and employee satisfaction. By combining PDI’s technological expertise with Tapcheck’s innovative approach, this collaboration redefines payroll services, offering businesses a sophisticated tool to promote financial stability and flexibility within their workforce.

Parapet Studios

Parapet Studios and Tapcheck have joined forces to offer an innovative financial wellness solution for businesses. By integrating Tapcheck’s on-demand pay platform, Parapet Studios is now equipped to enhance employee financial well-being and satisfaction. This collaboration revolutionizes the way Parapet Studios approaches payroll, promoting financial stability and flexibility within organizations.


Tapcheck has partnered with WellSky to integrate its financial wellness benefits platform into WellSky Personal Care software.


Wizarline provides superior data products and automation solutions to over 6,000 franchise stores in the United States and Canada. Their software and services package includes features like automated payroll, insurance integration, CPA integration, and a marketplace for seamless automation of critical applications, enabling franchises to improve their day-to-day operations and remain competitive in the industry.


Revel is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and business management system that caters to various industries, offering features like order management, inventory control, and reporting.

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