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Tapcheck Supports 8 of the 12 Qualities Employees
Look for in an Employer.


More than just a workplace

When choosing a company to work for, many people look for more than just a paycheck. Salary, benefits, and vacation time may top their list of considerations, but according to HR experts, there are intangible characteristics employees view as essential, qualities that include:

Job Security

When they can get the money they earned whenever they need it, employees don’t have to change jobs or chase small hourly pay increases.

Access to Information

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark. The Tapcheck app encourages transparency by giving your employees a clear view of their earnings and transfers.

Work-Life Balance

On-demand pay encourages a healthy work-life balance by reducing much of the stress associated with living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Equity & Fairness

When employees feel that policies or practices favor some over others, morale suffers. Tapcheck gives everyone equal access to their earnings, leveling the playing field.

Engagement & Belonging

On-demand pay shows that you’re committed to doing what’s best for your team members and that you care about more than just the bottom line.

Empowerment & Authority

Giving people instant access to their wages gives them a sense of control and eases their financial stress.

Commitment to Employees

When people join your team, they’re making a commitment to your company. Giving them control of their pay schedule shows you’re just as committed to them.

Mutual Respect

By giving your employees the benefit of early wage access, you earn trust and enhance their overall life enjoyment.

Available at no cost to your company, Tapcheck’s earned wage access benefit gives your employees the on-demand financial control they want, helping you become an employer of choice without adding any expense to your bottom line.

*Employee minimums may apply.

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