An employee assistance program makes healthier and happier employees.

Employee Assistance Program: Why it’s Important to Have One

Tapcheck Team   April 08, 2022

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a service for employees that is usually part of a larger benefits package. EAP helps employees with personal or work-related problems that may be impacting their wellbeing, mental health, and overall work performance. It is a voluntary, confidential program that allows employees to receive assistance with a variety of personal issues, including grief, family challenges, substance abuse, and stress.

What’s Included in an Employee Assistance Program?

The services that are included in an EAP may be as varied as the issues they address. Many of these programs include counseling (in-person, video-based, or phone-based), referrals to professionals or other local resources, virtual self-help resources, and intervention programs, just to name a few. 

Employee Assistance Programs typically cover the employee, their spouse or domestic partner, and any eligible dependents. With an EAP, your employee and members of their household will have confidential access to a network of providers to assist with various personal situations. 

What Do Employees Gain from an Employee Assistance Program?

  • Feeling Supported

An EAP is an effective tool for helping employees feel supported. It helps them cope with overwhelming issues outside of their job that may be impacting their performance and effectiveness in the office. 

  • Managing Stress

The overwhelming weight of have-to’s at work on top of personal issues can be highly stressful for anyone. Employee Assistance Programs aid in lessening these feelings of stress for employees, helping their overall wellbeing.

  • Wholistic Care

Employee Assistance Programs go beyond the typical medical/dental/vision benefits that most employers offer. These programs allow employees to confidentially take care of personal problems that they may not be able to address otherwise.    

How Do Employee Assistance Programs Benefit Employers?

  • Employee Retention

When employees feel that their employer has their best interests in mind in all aspects of life, they are more likely to be loyal to your company and lengthen their tenure.

  • Decreased Absenteeism

If your employees feel stressed, they are less likely to come into work. A Paychex study found that 69.3% of employees had difficulty getting out of bed to go to work when their workload was overwhelming. EAPs help to ease this stress in employees. 

  • More Productive Workforce

Employees who have less stress and more support from their employer are more likely to stay on task and be effective in their work. An Employee Assistance Program can provide the resources they need to feel supported at home and at work. 

Why Your Company Needs an Employee Assistance Program

Having an EAP will make your organization stand out from others that provide more traditional benefits packages. In addition to improving employee morale and retention, it will also decrease absenteeism and increase productivity among your workers. Consider implementing an Employee Assistance Program to your company’s benefits package to support your employees as well as your business.

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