Earned Wage Access Adoption Around The World

Through the years Earned Wage Access (EWA),  which allows Early access to earned wages before payday, has emerged as a transformative financial service for both employers and employees. This innovative solution addresses a crucial need for financial flexibility and well-being among the global workforce, reshaping the way employees interact with […]

How These Two Companies Solved High Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is costly and disruptive, affecting the bottom line of the business and impacting company culture. But two companies managed to significantly lower their turnover rates through a combination of strategies, each with a common goal: looking for good people and treating them well.    Pal’s Sudden Service: A […]

Strategies for Engaging Employees in 2024: The Era of Retaining Talent

Employee engagement is a critical factor in the success of any organization. As we step into 2024, businesses need to understand the evolving landscape of employee engagement and the strategies that can be employed to retain talent in this new era. In this article, we will explore the business impacts […]

The Comprehensive 2024 HR Compliance Deadlines

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s important for HR professionals and business owners to prepare for 2024’s HR compliance deadlines. Compliance with federal regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and maintain the smooth operation of your organization.   In this article, we’ll provide a detailed overview of the HR compliance […]

How to Implement Daily Payroll 

How to Implement Daily Payroll? In short, from a payroll perspective, there is no such thing. Payroll software doesn’t support it, and as an employer, it could be a difficult thing to manage from a cash flow perspective. Nonetheless, employees want access to their pay immediately after completing a shift, […]

The Evolution of Employer-Employee Dynamics Over the Last Two Decades

The intricate dance between employers and employees has seen a profound transformation over the past 20 years. This period has witnessed a shift from traditional transactional dynamics to a more holistic approach, emphasizing the well-being of the “Whole Employee.” Drawing from MetLife’s 2022 Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study, this […]

How Do Payroll Taxes Work? 

Payroll taxes are an essential aspect of every business’s financial operation. They play a crucial role in funding social security, Medicare, and other government programs. For both employers and employees, understanding payroll taxes is critical to ensure compliance with tax regulations and to maintain accurate financial records.   In this article, […]

Exploring the benefits and best practices of Daily Payroll

Let’s start with a hypothetical situation: You’ve worked hard the past week and are looking forward to a calm weekend, but your car has other plans and suddenly breaks down. The repair charges are steep, and your payday is still a few days away.   In this type of situation, getting […]

Navigating Inflation: How Financial Wellness Training Can Help

The current economic landscape, punctuated by soaring inflation rates, supply chain disruptions, and fluctuating energy prices, highlights the critical role of financial wellness training in fostering employee well-being. These volatile conditions, intensified by significant events like the COVID-19 pandemic and growing inflation, often lead to increased financial stress for employees, […]

How to Improve Company Culture with Employee Benefits Packages

Company culture is an interesting concept that many companies recognize as an important part of their business. When a company’s culture is strong and engaging, the benefits extend from employee satisfaction to the financial bottom line. When company culture suffers, the feeling is palpable. Perhaps you’ve experienced a job where […]

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