Payment Disbursements


Instant and Safe

Make instant and secure payements to employees at any time straight from your employer dashboard.


Save time and money compared to traditional off-cycle payment methods.


Ensure payment accuracy and reliability thanks to our high precision integrations.

Happy Employees

Improve the overall payment experience for employees.

Disbursement Use Cases

Final Paychecks

Deliver final paychecks immediately after employees complete their last shift, even if they are not yet registered with Tapcheck.​

Spot Bonuses

Send employees a monetary bonus outside of typical pay cycles for performance, work anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Payroll Corrections​

If errors occur with employee's logging their overtime hours, you can easily send the underpaid amount via Disbursements.​


Tip your employees immediately after their shift without needing cash on-hand.​

How Disbursement Work

Create Disbursement

Step 1 of 3

Once an account is linked, you’ll need to create a new disbursement type that can be used for subsequent disbursements.

This way you can associate these entries with your payroll system codes.

Select Employees & Amounts

Step 2 of 3

You can check the box next to the names of all the employees you want to receive a disbursement.
Then enter the dollar amounts you’d like to distribute to each employee, optionally include a description or note, and then process your disbursement.

View Disbursement History

Step 3 of 3

View the past disbursements you have made by selecting a specific time period.
You can monitor each individual disbursement transaction and cancel any outstanding disbursements that an employee never collects.

Enable Disbursements

Talk to your Account Manager to turn on this feature!


Money used for disbursements will automatically be debited from your connected repayments account.

Payment Destination

Limit disbursements to Tapcheck Mastercard or allow payment to third-party debit cards (fee will apply).


Repayments are completed daily at 3pm PST during banking business days for any funds disbursed in the previous 24 hours.

Transaction Limit

You can set a total single transaction limit and a per-employee limit. If this is not set, Tapcheck has a default limit in place.

Employee Disbursements

What they see

tapcheck debit cards

…they will get a notification of the dollar amount they just received.

Once they have linked an account, they can transfer the disbursement from the app to their account.

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