The Surprising Benefits of On-Demand Pay

Leaders leveraging earned wage access find improved employee experience and better business outcomes – all at no-cost

75% of employees we surveyed said they’d work more for an employer who offered EWA. By putting the employee experience first, these businesses are seeing less turnover, fuller staffs, and overall better performance.

In this e-book, discover how employers in the quick-serve restaurant (QSR) and healthcare industries battle workplace turnover with on-demand pay. They’re achieving:  

  • Fewer call-outs of shifts
  • Shorter time-to-hire for open roles 
  • Long tenure with company for workers who use it 
  • More engaged and happier employees  

Get the free e-book and learn from industry leaders how on-demand pay with Tapcheck has been a gamechanger for their business.   

75% of employees we surveyed said they’d work more for an employer who offered EWA.

Industries are leveraging earned wage access to enhance employee experience and boost business outcomes. By prioritizing employee well-being, businesses see reduced turnover, fuller staffs, and improved performance.

In this e-book, explore how quick-serve restaurant (QSR) and healthcare employers combat turnover with on-demand pay. Immediate wage transfers lead to:

  • Fewer shift call-outs
  • Faster hiring
  • Longer employee tenure
  • More engaged, happier staff

Download the free e-book to learn how Tapcheck’s on-demand pay transforms businesses.

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